Here's an overview of our vacancies.

Position Departement Number of hours Apply until
Postdoc neuroimaging in mood disorders Psychiatry VU University Medical Center / GGZinGeest 36 03-03-2016
Postdoctoral Fellow 'The role of microRNAs in the persistence of AML (stem) cell Department of Hematology, Cancer Center Amsterdam 36 21-02-2016
PhD 'Urban social determinants of mental wellbeing' epidemiology and biostatistics 36 21-02-2016
Senior systeembeheerder Microsoft/Vmware ICT, afdeling infrastructuur beheer 36 31-03-2016
PostDoc researcher (biomedical/cancer) biologist/biochemist medical oncology 36 22-02-2016
Co÷rdinator Server en Storage dienst ICT, tream infrastructuur 36 31-03-2016